Behind Mable Jewelry

Shine Kurian Credits Toronto Film School With Successful Launch of Mable Jewelry


“For me, all of it, everything I’ve accomplished with Mable – from setting up the business and incorporating it, to the logo design and photo shoots, to the social media and website design – a lot of the credit goes to Toronto Film School,” said the Class of 2018 Marketing for Fashion & Entertainment graduate.



“It was in my classes there that I gained great insight into those various fields. And it wasn’t just marketing. It helped even in terms of my confidence level, I would say – my comfort level presenting in front of the class skyrocketed at Toronto Film School.”


For Kurian, the initial decision to go back to school and follow her fashion dreams was an especially daunting one at first – especially given that it was a decision she made following a seven-year hiatus from the workforce to raise her two children, now six and 10.


“I was always very much interested in fashion, so for me, it turned out to be an amazing experience,” said Kurian, who had previously parlayed an MBA in Marketing into a successful career as an assistant marketing manager in outdoor advertising. “I think it was the best decision I ever made.”


After graduating from TFS, Kurian’s internal debate between launching a clothing company or a jewelry line was ultimately decided while shopping for her six-year-old daughter.



“We were looking for jewelry, and found a lot of gold and white gold, but not much silver – and the silver we did find was heavy stuff that had a lot of stones in it,” she said.


Fast-forward a few months to May 2019, and Mable Jewelry Inc – named after Kurian’s mother – was born with the launch of an inaugural spring/summer line of sterling silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings Kurian described as “minimalist, intricate and mod.”



“My first collection was extremely simple jewelry – very, very simple and extremely delicate. Something you could wear day and night,” the Mississauga resident said of the line, which includes a mix of carefully curated pieced sourced from within Canada, as well as her own pieces.


Now on the verge of launching her second “affordable and aesthetic” jewelry line, Kurian said her fall collection reflects a natural progression from her first, echoing the desires of her customers – 12,000 of whom visited the website within the first month of its launch.



“This second line is a little more trendy and slightly heavier, because that’s the feedback I got from people who bought from my first collection,” she said of Mable’s fall collection, which launched on Sept. 28.


“So, there’s a lot of cuff bangles and bracelets, earrings and necklaces – a there’s a few pieces in there with stones in them, too.”


Inspired as it is by love and friendship, Kurian said she’s hopeful Mable’s fall collection will resonate on an even deeper level with her customers, so that she can continue to grow her company ­– and maybe, some day, branch into clothing, as well.



“I really want to get to the point where I’m able to hopefully hire stay-at-home moms, because there’s a big market of them – and I was one of them not too long ago,” said Kurian, who made her back-to-school transition when her daughter started kindergarten.


“It’s sometimes hard for moms to get back to work. But they’re all so smart, I want to help give them that opportunity.”


For Kurian, the doors of opportunity that have opened up in the wake of earning her TFS diploma was well worth the wait – and something she encourages everyone, no matter their background, to pursue.



“If you believe in your dream and are passionate about it, then go ahead and do it. You might get a lot of resistance from the outside world, you might even question your own ability, but always remember if you never try, you will never know,” she urged.


“It doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail – the satisfaction that you get after is immeasurable. It holds true for me. It feels good to put those check marks on your vision board.”


To check out Kurian’s fall collection, go to or follow Mable Jewelry on Facebook and Instagram.